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The Sibling Window function is used to create an additional editing window that is in the same family group as the current window. Sibling windows share the same set of opened data files with one another. Additional files that are opened will immediately be available to all sibling windows. Likewise, additions, deletions, and modifications made to an individual file will be immediately represented in any sibling window that is showing that file.

Within the graphics editor, sibling windows are useful for displaying PCB and schematic data simultaneously. The value of this functionality is demonstrated most significantly when using one of the several functions (such as highlighting a signal net) that operate upon all files in a project. Highlighting a net on a schematic sheet will immediately cause the same net to be highlighted on the PCB.

Within the text editor, a pair of sibling windows are helpful for the cutting and pasting of data between individual files, and are required for the used of the File Comparison function.

The Shift + Arrow keys may be used to transfer focus amongst several sibling windows.

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