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The Open File function is used to view or edit a data file that already exists on disk. You may open as many files as you like.

When you select this function, a dialog box will appear which will allow you to select the desired data file from a sorted directory list. The selected file will be automatically passed through a series of import filters to translate it into a usable format. Left or right mouse clicks in the preview area will zoom in and out. Additionally, click and hold will pan the image.

The text search option will search the selected files for the string specified, opening only the files that contain the search string. The file type selection can be dropped down to choose a restricted set of files to display in the list on the left.

CIRCAD will analyze and data file and attempt to use the correct import filter automatically. If this process is not successful, the filter selection can be manually set to "force" a particular import filter.

Clicking the Escape button will close the File Open dialog box discarding any selections that have been made.

The Save button will save the current size, shape, and position of the File Open box as the default parameters. The Browse button will open an additional window that will allow for the selection from alternate drives or attached network storage.

Opening a file that is currently active in the system is not allowed and will result in an error message. If you wish to edit or view a file that has already been opened, you can use the Select File function to display the desired file.

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