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The Gerber Out function is used to create a set of data files on disk in RS-274-D (sometimes incorrectly referred to as RS-274-X) format for subsequent plotting by a Gerber photo plotter.

When you select this function, a dialog box will appear for the specification of the desired output data files.

An aperture list (wheel) is automatically created by the program before the Gerber output files are written.

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The Paste tab defines the configuration of the output data files that will be used to create the solder paste stencils for the production of the board.

Top Solder Paste
This group controls the creation of the Gerber file of the solder paste stencil for the top side of the circuit board. Although this file is technically an assembly file and not a circuit board component, many modern board houses now offer stencil services as well, it is best to create this data set along with the other Gerber files. Solder paste stencils are not needed for purely through-hole circuit boards.

Bottom Solder Paste
This group is analogous to the Top Solder Paste group, except that it is for the bottom side of the board. A bottom solder paste stencil is not needed if there are not any surface mount components on the bottom side of the board.

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