Flooding your PCB

Step 1:  Block the area of the board that you wish to flood with the Block Rectangle or the Block Polyline function.

Step 2:  Invoke the Block Flood menu by typing <BF> or by selection it from the menus.

Step 3:  In the Target Layer field select the layer that you wish to flood (in this example we'll use the Top Copper).

Step 4:  Next, for the Source Layers, select the layers that you want the flood to observe, or "watch out for" when flooding.  Because we don't want all of our through hole pads and tracks flooded over, we must select the Pad Master and Top Copper layers.  We must also select the Keepout layer since we have placed an isolation arc on the Keepout layer around pin 1 of C2.

Step 5:  Select the layer that is to be thermally or solidly connected to the area that is being flooded (in this example we'll use GND).

Step 6:  Ensure that the remaining fields are in order and select you flood method.