Building User Defined Libraries

Step 1: Select New from the File menu.

Step 2: Select the appropriate type of file, i.e. a PCB file for a PCB parts library.

Step 3: When CIRCAD prompts to "Save As...", change the file suffix to .lib

Step 4: Ensure that the export filter is set to "CIRCAD V4.0 (Self-defining format)"

Step 5: Save the file in the Library sub-directory of CIRCAD. The path for the standard install is: C:\Program Files\OnmiGlyph\Library

Step 6: Build your component as defined in the "Building Components" section.

Step 7: Re-save the file and your done!

NOTE: As you have just created a new library none of the data files will know about it. To add a library to a data file select Library Filesfrom the Setup menu and add the new library to the list (with suffix). If this process is done to each of the template files (they can be found the Template subdirectory of CIRCAD) the next time that you create a new file it will know about your new library.